Monday, November 14, 2016

Metapolymath, LLC

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Metapolymath LLC
PO Box 19236
Lenexa KS 66285-9236

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I, Kronah Wood, am in the process of founding Metapolymath LLC starting on November 10, 2016 within the state of Kansas. As founder my position is executive chairman with the interest to grow the business in effort to create incorporated subsidiaries which will carry this business on for the foreseeable future.

This effort may include establishing strategic partnerships up to and including board memberships and alliances with entities that share mutual goals and missions that have proven track records of honesty and stability in business.

Activities Metapolymath LLC shall pursue may include is as follows:

A. Selling retail products that provide the remote service to enhance the powers of personal creativity.

B. Providing consulting services to persons and businesses which will enhance the powers of personal creativity.

C. Work as an independent artist, writer and composer of works which demonstrate and reveal the powers of personal creativity.

This business serves any human being at any position, state and capacity whom requests for help with the development of personal creativity in any specific and general acts for which they commit to with a purchase of service. The trade is defined by the commitment to commence and complete a purchase and is irrevocable. What is obtained for the price paid no matter how big or small, including the perceptions of nothingness, regardless of utility for which a person has skill to use there newfound perceptions is not a utility and has no quantification outside of the individuals whom is purchasing service. The service is with a focus to organize or reorganize any type of information to present creation that is specific to the individual so they may experience creation in any form whether or not it is perceived. It is the purpose of this service to create shared personal experiences of creativity with any whom purchase the service avr the products which support the service to help such persons whom wish to enhance their personal creativity.

Prices are negotiable and subject to change with each and every purchaser as each instance of the service provided and the person or entity purchasing is unique in time, case, environment and situation ammong other important variables which may be considered through the expertise which this business utilizes.

Any media or market that may serve to grow this business may be ventured into in ordinance within every applicable law such that it does not infringe upping any other law or right of a higher order.

Current pursuits at the time of establishment are production and selling of books, audio and musical recordings, video and movie recordings, periodical journalism, miscellaneous writing and graphic arts, consulting services, presentation services as an artist, demonstration services as an artist, competition as an artist, and all the electronic administration thereof.

Any questions, comments or other engagements will be considered a request for legitimate service which any official response is billable, unless accompanied by official notice of other legitimate business is presented.

The service is rendered with intent toward a public forum and positive community enhancement. No service rendered is confidential unless accompanied with a legitimate confidentiality agreement. The business may share with the public any service related information as allowed by law which serves to further the business. The business does recognize the concept of protection and may elect to aid in such request but in no way is obligated to the service of protection by any means. Each person engaged with this business is responsible for their own protection avr other services that are not included with the purchase of this businesses products and services for sale that are purchased from this business.

This business makes every effort at all times to maintain ethical operation and legal compliance. Any statement verbal, written or otherwise is contrary to the established business model in current action and is an injury to this entity. Any legal action to protect this business may be taken, including to protect the business from any injury.

The establishment of this business is natural and organic growth of the current universal state. The service provided within the business reflects the well health and good operation of said universal state.

The declarations contained are with the desire to communicate the state of Metapolymath LLC. Modifications, ammendments, addendums and other necessary actions will be communicated at will in the communication logs such as this blog to maintain a historical account of Metapolymath LLC.

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