Monday, December 26, 2016

Sales Agreements and Tax policies v.1

Sales agreements and tax policies.

For the business of METAPOLYMATH LLC as the business operates in Lenexa, Kansas and nowhere else. All transactions online are deemed to be virtually occurring at the site where the business is affixed. Consumers reaching into the business at its point of existence by any proxy service, such as any type of Internet provider or digital Internet repository, does not change the location of the businesses point of official existence and operational point of sale. Delivery of taxable goods and services are exchange agreed to be virtually conducted at the businesses official location. The services the proxies provide to both the consumer and this business are not a component, in whole or part of the goods and services for safety this business and have no way to change or affect the sales in any way.

It is established that any sale that is completed shall be in agreement to the terms and conditions set forth by this document of sales agreement and all parties agree the sales tax due is that for the city, county and state in which the business is established as host of the sale. The consumer thus is interpreted as a virtual traveler entering the place of business virtually at the point where the business is established.

As governed by the Rules, Codes, Ordinances and Laws of the State of Kansas, Johnson County and City of Lenexa the appropriate and applicable sales tax will be assessed for all sales to the individual whom conducts a transaction with this business.

This business only sells to individual human beings under no exemptions to sales tax. Those attempting to purchase with an exemption are refused as the goods and services that are taxable are not intended nor should be used by an exempt entity. Those individuals and the entity whom allows said individuals with or without knowledge that continue a purchase while using resources and instruments of such an entity that would be exempt from sales tax assume all responsibility of losses to that entity due to personal misconduct against that entity with which the individual paid for and received taxable goods and services as an individual who is subject tax regardless of what means or entities to whom which they use as a proxy to complete any sales with this business. Further this business is not liable for loss or damage of any kind for how any person uses any means at their will to transfer legal tender for the taxable sale, nor is this business responsible, liable or otherwise at fault for any risk, theft, loss, donation, contribution, payment, damage, injury, or any restitution from an individual   exchanging legal tender for the taxable goods and services and the tax levied thereof for all sales which are all final and non-refundable unless otherwise stipulated by law. In summary all individual human beings whom cause any sale to occur owe sales tax on all goods and services where sales tax is invoiced and assume responsibility for any type of claim or complaint from or by any proxy or instrument with which an individual uses to provide legal tender. This business does not accept any claim to exemptions of tax as the goods and services that are sold are marked on the listed and estimated prices and invoices are for taxable purposes only and it is for those whom purchase to use the taxable goods and services in a manner consisting of a sales taxable use and they assume all liabilities, risk and responsibilities of any use once sale is commenced.

I charge sales tax because I sell only to human beings as individuals regardless of the financial instruments or proxies they do or do not use. If you proceed in a sale with me you are claiming to be an individual human being who is responsible and not exempt from paying sales tax where you reach into my business to secure goods and services. If you pose as an individual willing and able to pay sales tax, and pay sales tax that you are recognized by this business as an individual qualified to pay sales tax. If you think you don't have to pay sales tax then these goods and services should not be purchased as nothing that is sold that has sales tax for those whom must pay sales tax are for or can be purchased by those whom are exempt from tax as the goods and services are not to be used by entities that are exempt and this business does not do business with exempt entities as so posted as no goods or services are sold which are created, intended, or have any known or marked use that is exempt from tax as created or maintained by this business.

It is the intention that this business will not list a price that will produce a taxable amount that does not produce a monetary figure that is not made up of whole cents of a dollar at the time of exchange.

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