Tuesday, July 25, 2017

All The Automation There Is

Take a close look at all that which is automated.

From hydrogen burning to make water through to the beating of hearts on to the switches in a computer.

What makes solar systems work, life work, and machines work is all based on automation at work.

So now we see automation takes a large chunk of all that is, what is not automated?
What significance is that which is non-automated.

Most of our thoughts and logic is automated. A series of connections building to form an action and action building conections then tearing them down and up automatically.

When is a thought genuine, an act genuine; beyond even causality itself there is still automation.

A quantum particle entangled is still an automation without causality.

Deeper still, space? Does space service any form of automation? Is it the base from which automation pushes off from?

Like space a consciousness perhaps may be outside of automation, that which cannot be measured for all measurements are tools of automation to connect steps and actions when refinement is called to adjust the automation.

Perhaps it may be the concepts that automation can change that gives light to the diversity of automation. A concept without a scope of automation has no purpose and by no means can a measurement be formed on if it is even a concept at all.

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